Faucon Bernard


Born in Provence in 1950, Bernard Faucon began his education in philosophy and theology. After completing his studies, he became one of the first artists to explore the universe of the Staged Photography, in other words the photography of “mise en scène”.

His photographic work, started in 1976 and voluntarily stopped in 1995, can be summarized in seven big series that depict the true narrative.
He started photographing with a small Semflex and he was immediately careful while observing the surface, the focus, to drag the image with the aim of defining its contours. He photographs the truth, the metaphysical quiet of the world.


L'enfant qui vole

Les papiers qui volent

fresson print
cm 30 x 30 ca. / inches 11.8 x 11.8 ca.

L’enfant qui vole

fresson print
cm 30 x 30 ca. / inches 11.8 x 11.8 ca.

Ronde de Soir, from Les Grandes Vacances

fresson print
cm 31 x 31 ca. 

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