Nancy Burson on view at Museo Marino Marini in Florence

Nancy Burson
ov view
at Museo Marino Marini in Florence


Friday September 13th h. 6.30 pm
Until September 23rd, 2019

Opening hours
Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays
from 10 am to 7 pm



On the occasion of the XI edition of the Festival “Firenze Suona Contemporanea”, Nancy Burson will be attending the event with 4 new works on display at Museo Marino Marini in Florence.

Love Above All Else, 2019

Love Above All Else, a video projection

Love Above All Else is a video projection created from the repeated writing of the word Love (or I love you), drawn both handed for brain balancing. Beneath the images is an underlay of love’s opposite in the form of fourteen photographs combined that symbolize war, racism, poverty, disease, terrorism, global warming, mass shootings, ethnic cleansing, refugees displaced, hurricanes, fires, religious conflicts, family separations, and famine. Together these constitute one disruptive, apocalyptic image that has been lightened to be barely visible, as if the totality of all human suffering is disappearing. Conceptually, the lightening of the image that is barely visible underneath represents the power of love to transmute all that negativity. The Love Above All Else video projection symbolically represents the vibration of love triumphant over Earth’s current malaise.

DNA HAS NO COLOR, a sculpture

DNA has no color. Scientists see it as translucent, even though it can sometimes appear whitish due to impurities in samples. Race is a social construct. We are all one race, the human one, and all human DNA is colorless.

Perpetual Mary, an experiential installation

Perpetual Mary is a glow-in-the-dark figurine that serves as a tool to see and experience the energy around her. To most viewers, Mary appears to move, assisted by the energy in the room. Is seeing her move a miracle in itself, or is it seeing the energy around Mary that’s miraculous? Viewers can decide for themselves. Do you see her moving in this still image? Please feel free to download it onto your computer or phone. It takes most people between 5 and 20 seconds to see Mary in motion.

The installation Perpetual Mary will be accessible every 30 minutes by a maximum of 20 people, with first access at 10:30am and last access at 6:30pm. For more information: /

The Museo Marino Marini is located within the site of an ancient church and was a monastery for nuns in the 1500’s. Perpetual Mary will be installed in the room of the crypt beneath the museum that still houses the nuns’ remains. Mother Mary has been a symbolic representation of the feminine aspect for centuries and continues to be a key figure in belief systems worldwide. The installation will be accompanied by the music of two of the earliest European female composers.

The Energy of a Drawing in UV Light, a video projection

This video recorded the energy over a drawing made with two graphite sticks (one for each hand) along with a substance of “unknown origin.” Something I have seen as a form of “liquid light” has been added to the paper, disappearing instantly. Although scientists have not yet been able to identify its properties, I believe this mysterious form of light enables us to see the energy moving over it.

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