TEUN HOCKS, Cosmic Surroundings

Paci contemporary gallery, Brescia, 2011.

“First, I start with almost an idea, or vague ones, making drawings of thoughts I have about all kind of situations that get e dreaming or just are triggering my imagination. After that I build and paint a setting, and check and control everything by making digital photos during building and compare them to my drawing. I create the desire light, take my place and start making Polaroid’s. I make 8 photo’s on 6×9 cm black-and-white film. Looking at the contact-sheet I decide which negative is the one to print. I then make three big black-and-white prints on fiber-based photographic paper, tone them to sepia, glue them on aluminium and start colouring them with transparent oil paint”.

Ideation: Giampaolo Paci – Paci contemporary gallery  On the cover: Untitled n° 242, 2011  Text: di Gigliola Foschi  Translation: in inglese a cura di Filippo Botti  Page: 48  Cover: non cartonata, brossura  Publishing: Vanilla edizioni  Prize: 10 euro

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