NANCY BURSON – Composites

Paci contemporary gallery, Brescia, 2018.

“Nancy Burson is a photographer who works with concepts and a conceptual artist who works with photographs. While it was not Burson’s intention, her fabrications challenged fundamental assumptions about the nature of photography and still do. Unlike a portrait that draws meaning from its connection to a real person, Burson’s pictures are simulacra; forms without substance that put a face on abstract concepts, personalizing the impersonal, and embodying the intangible.”

Ideation: Giampaolo Paci – Paci contemporary gallery  On the cover: 4 Vogue Models, 1989  Text: extracts from the introduction di W. A. Ewing e J.A. McDermott for the volume “Composites: Computer Generated Portraits” di Nancy Burson, 1986.  Translate: in english  Page: 48  Cover: not cardboard, paperback Prize: 25 euro

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