Paci contemporary gallery, Brescia, 2014.

“My work, and that of a few others, helped establish a new direction. What we did displaced traditionalist, activist photography. These things often happen in the world of art. It is hard to account for taste or fashion. One always pays a dear price for poking fun at the left in American culture. My most recent pictures attempt to show that “texts” can hammer most any picture’s meaning into a politically useful shape. If I do this adroitly, standard disingenuous, hypocritical, absurd, and irritating leftist messages are deconstructed, their methods made transparent. It’s fun to do.”

Ideation: Paci contemporary gallery team  On the cover: Les Krims Performing Aerosol Fiction, Buffalo, New York, 1969, vintage, 1969  Text: by Leslie Krims  Translation: in english edited by Federica Manfredini  Page: 62  Cover: cartonata  Publishing: Agora35  Prize: 25 euro

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