CLARK & POUGNAUD – C’est la Vie

Paci contemporary gallery, Brescia, 2009.

“We call our pictures “vintage digital” or “slow art” because each picture is a slow process hand and home made. We produce approximately 12 portraits per year.  Our images are a mix of influences: poetical realism esthatetic of the cinema, theatre scenography, painting, photography, digital technology… We take the models round make believe miniatures worlds to perform a slice of life in which atmospheres are essentials”.

On the cover: Lost in meditation n°8, 2009  Ideation: Giampaolo Paci, Paci contemporary gallery  Critical text edited by Gigliola Foschi  Translation in english edited by Terry Paletta  Page: 36  Publishing: Vanilla edizioni  Cover non cartonata, brossura  Prize: 10 euro

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