soon at the gallery


Saturday March 21st, 2020

h. 7.00 pm

The artist will be present at the event!


Paci contemporary  gallery di Brescia 

via Borgo Pietro Wuhrer 53

Paci contemporary gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the first anthological exhibition focused on the famous international Dutch photographer ERWIN OLAF. The artist will be attending the event.

Photographer of excellence, one of the most appreciated in the contemporary art scene, the Dutch Erwin Olaf is considered as one of the best interpreters of modern portrait photography: he’s known all over the world for a photographic style dominated by mysterious and contemplative atmospheres. Famous for his mis en scènes and his theatrical compositions, Olaf intertwines in his shots complex and dramatic narratives. His work strike for the strangeness, the will to provoke, for the sense of loneliness and restlessness: they are glimmers of truth, cracks in the wall that reveal the imperfection and fiction of a seemingly perfect world.

The exhibition offers a journey within the whole production of the artist, a comprehensive overview of his work, beginning with his “Chessmen“, the series that made him famous at international level allowing him the victory of the competition ” Young European Photographer” in 1988, until his last project “Palm Springs” (2028), among the first made outside of the studio. Characters dressed in ’60s dresses in the background described  with elements out of the context for that time as example of rupture of the perfect world, after all “… each human being carries with him an inner rupture, even if he wears the best Sunday dress“. Olaf made used black and white to create series that entered the history of photography, soon accompanied by color ones including “Paradise“, “Grief“, “Hope“, “Dawn“, “Dusk“, “Rain“, “Berlin“… In recent years the aesthetic adopted by the artist is similar to that of monumental tableaux, not to mention thee dreamlike and most suspended atmospheres that have always characterized his poetry.

The Show will be accompanied by the new and prestigious volume on Erwin Olaf produced by the gallery and published by Silvana, now in progress.


Here’s a preview of the works on view at the gallery!

Maria from “Indochine

Keyhole #12 from “Keyhole

The Mother from “Dawn

The Kite from “Palm Springs

Renee from “Paradise


Portrait 22 from “Berlin


Pearls from “Squares


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