Little Terence cover
Clark & Pougnaud


Cristopher Clark was born in 1963 and Virginie Pougnaud in 1962. They grew up in Paris, where they met, fell in love and later married.

Together they create fairy-tale works: she learned painting from her grandmother and makes maquettes as big as doll houses and then paints them.

On the other side, he photographs them and, thanks to a large experience in the use of Photoshop – as well as the patience of the great craftsmen of the past – adds into Virginie’s maquettes also the portraits of friends that he photographed before: he transformed them into the characters of the fantasy world she created. For their works, the two artists received, in 2000, the prestigious Prix Arcimboldo, an event followed by their first exhibition at the Maison Europeenne de la Photographie in Paris.

The result of their accurate work are images where the playful ambiguity between illusion and reality helps us to remind that they are set of an imaginary world, dominated by unconscious and the memories of childhood. It’s ‘”another world”, a hidden dimension, increasingly denied by the hustle and prosaic nature of modern life, and yet never disappeared. It is an intermediate universe, where the nonsense meets sense, where the restlessness of the imaginary is not pure creations, but restless, and it makes thinking.

C & P are inspired by the famous American painter Edward Hopper and, especially for the series Lost in Meditation, the painter Vilhelm Hammershøi, considered a continuation of Vermeer and, incidentally, a continuer of Hopper.

In 2006 they received the Prize of the Fondation HSBC for photography. Since then they have never stopped making photographs that are shown in galleries and exhibitions all over the world.



Little Terence

fine art print
cm 53.4 x 56.2 ca. / inches 21 x 22.1 ca.

La Vitrine

fine art print
cm 38 x 44.5 ca. / inches 14.9 x 17.5 ca.

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