Solo Show - ERIC RONDEPIERRE "C'era una volta il cinema..."

On the occasion of the first edition of BRESCIA PHOTO FESTIVAL

March 7th/12th 2017




"C'era una volta il cinema..." 


 Brescia gallery: Via Trieste, 48  

Opening: Tuesday March 7th 2017 at 6 pm

Until September 30th 2017




Almost twenty years after the great exhibition at MOMA that celebrated him as one of the most talented experimenter photographers in the artistic scene of that time; a year after the great retrospective hold at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris, Paci contemporary gallery is pleased to announce ERIC RONDEPIERRE’s Solo Show “C’era una volta il cinema”. The exhibition will feature the famous black and white images from the series “Annonces” and “Précis de décomposition”, proof of a cinematographic photography that has its source of inspiration in the dynamism of the relationship between photography and cinema. Rondepierre’s production involves poetry, painting, cinema and photography giving back an enigmatic vision of reality that, even if characterized by a great experimental attitude, is able to recall the fascination from ancient times. More over, the signs of the time that distort and disfigure the film give an unexpected power to the image, suggesting a condition of instability able to inspire people’s imagination. On view there will also be other famous works (Champs-Elysées, Confidence, Cent Titres...), for the first time visible in larger format, together with the great installation “Les 30 Étreintes”.

In the series “Annonces” (1991-...), the photographs are taken from trailers to French or American films from the period 1930-1960, in which particular attention has been paid to their special textual effects (actors’ names, slogans, comments...). Films have been viewed in slow motion using a video player or an editing table, so that it could be possible to isolate a frame in which the graphics (as it will be viewed by the audience) are still being formed. The series contains 25 shots articulated in different categories “Annonces vidéo”, “Annonces peinture” e “Annonces film”.

Précis de décomposition” (1993-1995) mirrors the systematic use of cinematographic archives as starting point of Eric Rondepierre’s creative process. While consulting American collections, he came across some reels of unknown silent films that have been subjected to the passing of time, to the action of the environment or bad stocking conditions and show themselves as damaged and corroded. Exactly these anomalies have become the main subject in his photographs: erasures, deformations or stains. The 30 works of the series are subdivided in three main fields: “Scènes” shows characters in action, “Masques” focuses on faces in close-up and “Cartons” contains texts of the intertitle cards of silent movies that have been corroded.