Solo Show: "TEUN HOCKS. Untitled"




Brescia gallery: Via Trieste, 48  

Opening: Friday October 21st , 2016 h. 18.30 pm

Until February 25th 2017




Internationally acclaimed artist, pioneer of the Staged Photography, creator of a surrealistic photo-painting with a humor able to reconnect with the important heritage of the art history such as Magritte's lesson, the typical Nordic taste for landscape, the accuracy of the tract in the Flemish painting, combining all with on optimistic and ironic vision even of the most dramatic situations. These are the main features of the original production, achieved during his long career, by the Dutch photographer TEUN HOCKS, among the artists represented by in the gallery and main character of this great event.

It’s with great pleasure that Paci contemporary is pleased to announce the Solo Show "Teun Hocks. Untitled" mainly focused on the new and most recent works by Teun Hocks, from October 21st to February 25th, 2017. The exhibition will be an opportunity to admire for the first time the work of the Dutch photographer from an overall perspective, observing his latest creations in dialogue with the rest of his production, following the echo of the great retrospective exhibition that has just ended at the CODA Museum in the Netherlands. Hocks work is originated by the so-called "preliminary sketches" or small sketches in watercolor or pencil that anticipate the finished work. At this point the artist constructs a real set in which he himself took part, becoming the character to be interpreted. The next step is a series of self-portraits in polaroid from which, if satisfied with the result, he will produce eight black and white photographs and, after observing the negatives, he will choose the final image to print. The last phase of his particular way of working is to hand-paint with tempera or oil the surface of the photographic print.

Hocks’ production deals with important themes concealed by a thin veil of humor that makes esy to understand the ironical perspective. As a matter of fact, the photographs create a kind of dialogue that leads the viewer to mock these figures at times clumsy and funny, who are nothing but a manifestation of ourselves, a kind of mask that we use to disguise our being unfit and that we reflect on the others.