Nicola Evangelisti "In the universe of the contemporary" - Premio Michetti at Palazzo San Domenico


"In addition, in the cosmos, into the unknown universe and the contemporary spacetime"


LXII Edition of Premio Michetti

Museum of Palazzo San Domenico, Francavilla al mare


OPENING: Saturday July 3rd, h. 7 pm


Nicola Evangelisti has been invited to the LXVII edition of "Premio Michetti": "In addition, in the cosmos, into the unknown universe and the contemporary spacetime" curated by Prof. Luciano Caramel.

The exhibition is entirely new in terms of content and approach, and it is inspired by the theories of contemporary physics, by those "quantum" to today's gravitational waves, represented through the artistic works of Nicola Evangelisti oriented different directions, in a the relationship between art and science, often in the same directions, but with different methodologies and sometimes also complementary. The invited artists were chosen along with some colleagues (Kevin Mcmanus, Paul Bolpagni, Elena Di Raddo, Emma Zanella, Anna D'Ambrosio).

Artists participating at Premio Michetti 2016: Francesco Arecco, Aris, Renato Calaj, Dominic Carella, Enrico Cazzaniga, Sonya Clark, Francesco De Price, Bruno Di Bello, Nicola Evangelisti, Raul Gabriel, Cesare Galluzzo, Albano Morandi, Marica Moro Giancarlo Norese Mattia Novello, John Padovese, Piero Paladini, Lorraine Pedemonte Tarodo, Francesco Pedrini, Alice Pedroletti, Gian Paolo Roffi, Alessandro Rosa, Giovanni Sabatini, Valdi Spagnulo, Dora Tass and August Muth, Alessandro Traina, Davide Tranchina, Maria Wasilewska.

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Nicola Evangelisti, Curved Spacetime, 2016
struttura spaziale luminosa in plexiglass, acciaio, alluminio, led