Reopening Porto Cervo gallery: Hocks, Clark & Pougnaud, Rondepierre & preview of "Winter" by S.Skoglund



Teun Hocks, Clark & Pougnaud, Eric Rondepierre & the official preview of "Winter" by Sandy Skoglund


From Friday May 27th, 2016

hours: 10 - 13  4.30 - 8 pm


Three different Solo Shows inaugurate the official reopening of the summer gallery location in Porto Cervo, starting an expositive season full of events and previews. From Friday May 27th the three floors of the gallery will host three Solo Shows focused respectively on CLARK & POUGNAUD’s series “Lost in meditation”, on the new works by TEUN HOCKS and the photographic masterpieces by ERIC RONDEPIERRE for the first time in a large format. Moreover, it will be the occasion to admire the preview of “Winter”, the last and so long expected work (still in progress) by SANDY SKOGLUND, whose official presentation is set for the next year. For the entire summer season people will also get the chance to see works from other artists represented, exclusively for Europe or for the world, among them: Michal Macku, Mario Cravo Neto, Ralph Gibson, Phil Borges, Leslie Krims, Nicola Evangelisti, Maurizio Galimberti...



Sixteen years after their exhibition at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris, the duo CLARK & POUGNAUD returns, in Porto Cervo, with their most famous series called “Lost in meditation”, inspired by the paintings of the master Hammershoi, presented in a setting with Scandinavian undertones. 14 photographs of large format from elegant and refined tones show a universe of private and silent interiors in which human presences, often seen from behind, seem to be motionless in rooms with the characteristic blue-gray atmospheres. The technique of this French couple is very unique: Virginie carefully produces sets as big as doll houses, in other words miniatures (some of them are also on view in the show), and paints them. Christophe photographs them, paying attention to the best light. In his atelier, he also photographs people in order to add later such images in Virginie’s scenographies. Doing so, he turns them into fairy-tale characters, thanks to the playful ambiguity between illusion and reality.

Always in the field of Staged Photography must also be included the work of the Dutch artist and performer TEUN HOCKS. Some of his photographs have recently been exhibited in the important retrospective at the CODA Museum. Unusual images in which the irony that animates this photo-painting of surrealist roots combines itself with the mise en scène of the scenography, starting from the sketches and drawings, to the pictorial impression he produces on the surface, reaching this final effect of brightness and density that reminds the viewer to the Flemish tradition. 

The third Solo Show is focused on the French artist ERIC RONDEPIERRE, whose works have been shown throughout the world in the most famous museums such as the MOMA in New York, Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP) in Paris, Maison Bernard Anthonioz... Since early Nineties, Eric Rondepierre consulted archives and film libraries all over the world, examining thousands of films to select and reproduce little frames saving them from the flow of time, thanks to the fixity of the photograph and revealing unexpected sceneries. For the first time there will be some of his most famous works in large format: Confidence, La Foule, Champs-Elysées, Cent Titres, Seuils... 

Finally, it’s with great pleasure that the reopening of the summer location will also offer the chance to admire the preview of “Winter”, SANDY SKOGLUND’s last and so long expected work, still in progress. Since 2004 the American artist, Pioneer of the Staged Photography, has been working on a series of four artificial landscapes, each of them commenting on the psychological fallout from one of the four seasons. “Winter” is a work in progress since 2008. Of the four seasons, after “Fresh Hybrid” (spring), it’s full of contrasts: soft and hard, fragile and firm, cruel and beautiful. Merging photography and sculpture, in 2010 she made ceramic snowflakes, melting photo images into glaze, hand-made shapes. After that her desire, from a technical point of view, was to control perfectly the digital process of sculpture. Therefore she spent a lot of time, truing to teach herself how to digitally sculpt directly with special computer programs. In this way, she made a figure from nothing except mental effort with the computer.