Publication New Catalogues of Mario Cravo Neto & Sandy Skoglund

Paci contemporary is pleased to announce You that, since the last weeks,


the two recent catalogues published by the gallery are available to be purchased







Cover Cravo Neto

Cover Sandy


MARIO CRAVO NETO's catalogue, produced on the occasion of the still on view exhibition "Eternal Now" (until February 27th, 2016) collects a wide selection of the most famous works of the '80s-'90s by the Brazilian photographer, like the elegant black and white series in which images are led to a suspended and muffled atmosphere where bodies and objects aquire an intimate and mystic appearance.To enlighten better Mario Cravo Neto's creative features, images are supplied with a critical text by the famous photography critic Giuliana Scimé and an essay by Christian Cravo, son of the great master and photographer to his own turn.

SANDY SKOGLUND's catalogue, expressly conceived for the recent edition of Paris Photo 2015 and by now the first volume that takes into consideration her entire career, tries to recreate a global overview of the entire artistic production of the American photographer considered the Pioneer of the Staged Photography: from the early works like the series "American Vacation Motel Cabins" (1974), "Reflections in a Mobile Home" (1977) and "Still Life" (1978), the selection goes through the consolidation of the creative language that makes her well-known all over the world with the most famous works such as "Revenge of the Goldfish", "Radioactive Cats", "Fox Games" and also a preview of the unfinished last work "Winter". A couple of pages on this project at the end of the volume allows the reader to understand better some important aspects of this work, also comparing them with background images and details of parts of the ultimate installations. There will also be a section focused on the original sculptures from the installations to understand better the process of creating the set of the entire multiform installation.


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