Sandy Skogund "True Fiction Two" at Ryan Lee Gallery, New York



Opening: Thursday October 29th 2015, h. 6-8 pm

Until December 23rd

Ryan Lee Gallery

515 West 26th Street 

New York, 10001


"True Fiction Two", at Ryan Lee Gallery, is an exhibition featuring the photographic body of work of the same name. “True Fiction Two” is an extension of “True Fiction One” (1982-87) that Skoglund revisited in 2005.
The highly stylized photographic work looked to preserve the strangeness of urban decay and suburban contexts as landscapes for cultural definition in America during the era. There will be the installation of "Hanger" on view too.

This is the first time the work has been on view in the United States, and Skoglund’s first solo show in New York in more than a decade.


                                                                                                         Sandy Skoglund, Red Flowers, 1986

 Sandy Skoglund, The Theory of Energy, 1986 

Sandy Skoglund, Hangers, 1979