Reopening: Porto Cervo

Reopening Porto Cervo


The gallery Paci contemporary is pleased to announce

the reopening of its second location

starting from Saturday April 25th, 2015


 OPENING SATURDAY, APRIL 25th 2015 h. 6.30 pm



The gallery Paci contemporary is pleased to announce the official reopening of its second location in the heart of Porto Cervo, Sardinia.
The three floors of the gallery will be the perfect location to show for the entire summer season the works of its main artists, such as Michal Macku, Sandy Skoglund, Arthur Tress, Ralph Gibson, Lori Nix, Jerry Uelsmann, Maggie Taylor, Eric Rondepierre, Teun Hocks, Leslie Krims, Phil Borges

From April 25th it will be possible to admire some of the most famous artworks of these photographers, disclosing a season which is meant to be full of expositive events: starting from the first inaugural show focused on the newest works of the American photographers Jerry Uelsamnn & Maggie Taylor, there will be the unpublished work by Sandy Skoglund "The Grey Foxes" with its related sculpture of the red fox, whose original installation is now part of the Denver Art Museum's permanent collection, a special Solo Show focused on the masters Ralph Gibson and Leslie Krims... and much more!