Sandy Skoglund: "Unpublished Works"


"Unpublished Works"

7.03.2015 - 26.05.2015


OPENING SATURDAY 7th MARCH, 2015 h. 18.30

The gallery Paci contemporary is pleased to present “Unpublished Works”, Solo Show dedicated to the American photographer Sandy Skoglund, a world-famous artist and pioneer of the Staged Photography.

The exhibition will be focused on the twelve images from the series “Reflections in a Mobile Home” based on surfaces and domestic details of daily life in an American mobile home of the 1070’s era, showing the autodidactic learning process employed in Skoglund’s work and the initial interest in collecting objects to arrange for the camera that will be later refined. The Show will also be the occasion to admire in world-preview, the artwork titled “The Grey Foxes”, originally exhibited at the Pompidou Centre in Paris as part of the group exhibition titled “L’Invention d’un Art”. The installation is currently in the permanent collection of the Denver Art Museum.