Mei Xian Qiu: "Let a thousand flowers bloom" - SOLO SHOW IN GALLERY

Mei Xian Qiu "Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom"

Paci contemporary is glad to show you the European preview of the photographic series let a Thousand Flowers Bloom created by Mei Xian Qiu, a young American artist with Asiatic origin.

The cinematographic aspect puts the photographs of Mei Xian Qiu on different levels and combines a romantic vision with the representation of a cruel reality that highlights some interesting issues.

The fake translation of the series: let a Thousand Flowers Bloom, come from a poetry written by Mao, who referring to big societies, intended spread the concept to let the possibility to give space to all the different artistic forms and school of thought.

Mei represents this romantic and melancholic cultural wish, imaging a peaceful and not-violent invasion of a group of Asiatic people, who are dressed in a military uniform, armed with petals only, leaving space to the reality of the globalization of the current multiethnic society.

Nothing in Mei’s works is by chance: she demands that her models are not only students of Chinese culture, but also American citizens with Asiatic origin.

For the dresses she turns to a study of Pechino, that is focused on the recreation of propaganda tools of the cultural revolution, using old uniforms that belonged to the American army and to the communist Chinese guards.

This combination between a romantic vision of the culture and the statement of the reality, makes the photograph of Mei a powerful symbol of the current needs of our society.

Vanessa Valerio