Michal Macku - The 3D Photography - SOLO SHOW IN GALLERY


From October 5th to December 10th, 2013

Paci Contemporary is pleased to announce the latest and only Michal Macku Show after more than three years waiting. This was the time required by the artist to create some of the new Glass-gellages that will be presented at the exhibition.

In the same way as the great artists of the past, Michal Macku produces his artistic creation entirely in the darkroom using a photographic technique that he himself invented: Gellage, a name derived from the words “gelatin” and “collage”. This technique consists of the tearing of the gelatin emulsion from the photographic film during the negative’s manipulation phase. The film is then placed and rearranged by the artist, so that the images acquire a sort of material-like appearance, with an extraordinary and very spiritual effect. “The Tears” become a symbol of the artist’s inner need to reveal, through this laceration, his real essence. A very positive and reassuring aspect shines through all of his images: the “glaring light” pouring out of every breach represents a sort of inner peace, which men can achieve by accepting their own inner self.

The subject of his works is often his own body or part of it, reinterpreted in its spiritual form. The self-analysis that he puts himself through allows the artist to bring into fruition a cornerstone that is shared by many religions and philosophies: "know yourself and you will know everything."

The complexity of the process and the use of several negatives make it impossible to reproduce two identical prints. The result of this technique is unique because it depends on a series of unexpected accidents that turns his work in the dark room into an alchemic process.

Starting from 2007, after years of experimenting, Michal Macku reached the second phase of his creative process, achieving his aim to give the analog photograph a three-dimensional look using the transparency of glass. The artist operates on a glass block produced in Germany, cuts it into several plates and prints a negative on each of them in the darkroom. Once the first negative has been printed on the first plate, Macku sticks it to the second plate with special glue and, once joined, prints the next negative over top. He continues with this process until he reaches the last plate obtaining - through the use of the UVA rays - one consolidated block. It is a very long and extremely delicate process, since even the smallest imperfection can ruin the entire piece. This absolutely innovative and revolutionary technique is called Glass Gellage, and it is the result of the transposition on glass of two photographic techniques in which Mickal Macku is the undisputed master: Gellage and Carbon Print. In his latest works, all of them strictly black and white, the figures appear suspended in mid-air, fluctuating in a dimension in which time and space nullify each other.

Michal Macku's works appear in many important collections both public and private such as the Museum Ludwig in Cologne (Germany), the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, the Royal Library of Denmark in Copenhagen, the Maison Europeenne de la Photographie in Paris, the Harvard Visual Center in Cambridge (Massachussetts), The Art Institute of Chicago, and the MOPA - Museum of Photography Arts in San Diego.

During the exhibition Paci Contemporary will also present its new book edited with a critical text by Walter Guadagnini.