Sandy Skoglund: "Winter: work in progress” - SOLO SHOW IN GALLERY

Sandy Skoglund: "Winter: work in progress”

Opening March 31, 2012, 18:30

Until 9 june

Paci Contemporary is glad to present a new solo show of the New York City artist Sandy Skoglund, well-known for her surrealistic images and for being the pioneer of the Staged Photography. Her works take their place on the boundary between photography and installation and require years of designing and creation before they can be shot with a large format camera.

The show will offer a preview of the last project made by Sandy Skoglund: The Four Seasons, started in 2004, with the intent of representing the seasons through four artificial landscapes, which are symbols for the psychological implications on the humans while the seasons alternate. The main theme in the Four Seasons project is the paradox that things change while remaining the same. The seasons are also a reminder of how delicate is the connection between human control and nature. After having finished Fresh Hybrid in 2008, a Fresh Spring, which is gifting us of a fragile and slightly unsettling look on a lost innocence, Skoglund turned her commitment on “Winter:” a work still in progress, to be finished and presented, in a world premiere, at the Paci Contemporary gallery during 2013. For this installation Skoglund has created unique pieces of flooring ceramic, picturing what she has called Eyeflakes: an hybrid between the crystal shape of a snowflake and people’s and animal’s eyes, photographed as a reflection of inner heart and conscience. Those pieces will be showed in the next exposition “Winter: work in progress”, another exclusive world premiere at the Paci Contemporary gallery. As winter freezes what it surrounds, Sandy’s photography immortalize the soul, petrifying it in a suspended moment loaded with significance and poetry, but also with the unrest that's always accompanying the human conscience.

This show will offer not only a peek into the future, but also a journey into the past, following backwards the creative path of this extraordinary artist, giving the chance of lingering on her first experimentations in the “True Fiction” series, dated 1986, which bears strong references to movies, theater and advertising, the beginning of Skoglund’s way of approaching art, the “Staged Photography.”

“Winter: work in progress” will also offer the great opportunity of a live encounter with one of the most distinctive Sandy Skoglund’s installations: Shimmering Madness, animated by the movement of thousands small butterflies hanged on the walls, while jellybeans wrap the floor and the sculptures, creating a visual mosaic. Shimmering Madness is rich with sensorial overstimulation, not giving a chance of resting to the spectator’s eye. At the opening the visitors will have the possibility of meeting Sandy Skoglund herself.


Vanessa Valerio




Eyeflakes from "Winter"


Eyeflakes from "Winter"