I have a dream - GROUP SHOW IN GALLERY


Sandy Skoglund, Mario Cravo Neto, Jerry Uelsmann, Maggie Taylor, Clark & Pougnaud, Leslie Krims, Arthur Tress, Michal Macku, Matteo Montani, Giovanni Lombardini, Paolo Conti, Nicola Evangelisti, Eric Rondepierre,  Lori Nix, Grace Weston, Rommert Boonstra, Nicola Civiero.………

Opening 8 June 2012, 18:30 - until 25 September

Paci contemporary is glad to announce “I have a dream”, a group show joining together artists who create images which break the rules of reality, almost as if their camera was a sort of “magic object”. It is a choice aimed at disorienting the viewer and grabbing him in an oneiric world, a dream-like sphere where the submerged recalls of our unconsciousness become tangible. In order to achieve this, they insert elements and meanings that belong to the reality, yet, in this context, they assume a metaphysic connotation.

We could not leave out Sandy Skoglund with one of her most spectacular installations: Shimmering Madness, brought to life thanks to the movements of thousands of small butterflies that, vibrating on the walls, draw the viewer into a wonderful world... The theatrical poetry of the black and white works by Mario Cravo Neto and Jerry Uelsmann, in whose works one can explore a profound spiritual reflection... The “fairy-tale” images by Maggie Taylor, as those by the French couple Virgine Pougnaud and Cristophe Clark... The dream collector Arthur Tress and the desecrating Leslie Krims.

Within this group show, Paci contemporary seizes the opportunity to bring to light the works by five new entries of the gallery:

... Eric Rondepierre, whose unicity lies in the combination of his shots with old frames coming from the black and white cinema, a lost world nowadays.

... Lori Nix, who’s able to create the illusion of reality by cinematographically rebuilding miniature sets, which require months or even years of preparation before being photographed.

...Grace Weston, Rommert Boonstra and Nicola Civiero.

The photographs of those and many others artists animate the imaginary of the viewer in the show "I have a dream".


Vanessa Valerio