Night & Day. Nicola Civiero & Grace Weston - GROUP SHOW IN GALLERY

Night & Day

Nicola Civiero & Grace Weston

Opening Saturday 29 September 2012 18.30 p.m

Paci contemporary is glad to present Night and Day, an exhibition comparing two contemporary artists, both emerging but different for poetry and technique: Nicola Civiero e Grace Weston, for both a first time in our gallery.

Nicola Civiero’s art is conceived within freedom of mind and spirit, and plunges in profound reflexions on christian - catholic religion, a theme thoroughly studied by the artist both historically and theologically. He says: “Within religious thought are certainty and uncertainty. The latter is not a deviation from the former, but foundations over truth can be founded”. The artist moves in this dimension, with the aim of using photography as an extremely effective method for fixing the symbols that show this concept’s solidity. His peculiarity is not only to be found at a conceptual level, but also under his technical profile, as Civiero builds objects, sculptures, contraptions (like the magical carillon in the triptych The Popcorn Eater) which represent at its best what he wants to express, then repeatedly photographing them to assemble the hundreds of images on unusual tridimensional supports.

Very different from Civiero’s expressions is the art of Grace Weston, an American photographer who has elaborated her particular interpretation of Staged Photography. Indeed, she works with miniatures and small dioramas to recreate surreal scenes, building and painting tiny sets where she puts stage objects and characters before photographing them. In this way, the artist creates real Vignettes, creating a narration which could be from the childhood fantasy, but that is very rich in both humour and poetry.

If one represents The Day, the other one is his opposite: The Night.


Grace Weston, The Overseer


Grace weston, Free to go



Grace Weston, Peper


Nicola Civiero, Trittico



Nicola Civiero, La tavola della Vita, Capitolo I



Nicola Civiero, La tavola della Vita, Capitolo IX