Lori Nix "Another World" - SOLO SHOW IN GALLERY

PACI contemporary is glad to show Lori Nix works, she is a contemporary photographer who comes from Kansas and now lives and works in New York City. She has become famous thanks to her surrealistic pictures and her interpretation of the staged photography.

She belongs to an art trend that creates works on the border between pictures and illustrations: Basically, the artist recreate by hand miniature worlds,  using various and common building materials to produce surreal scenes of an apocalyptic world, after that she takes large format pictures of it. Her art exhibition offers not only a pre-view on her last production “the city”, but also goes backwards in her artistic career, showing Lori Nix previous series: “accidentally Kansas”, “the lost” and “some other places”.

The dioramas of her newest series “The City” , that it is still in progress, tell the story of a world where humanity doesn’t exist anymore and where nature fill each space, reclaiming what was theirs before man's encroachment. In this way we’ll find ourselves in a sadly realistic and symbolic scene.  “The city” is the result of an evolution that the artist, studying these themes under both technical and introspective aspects, has carried out in her previous series.

What is dominant in “Accidentally Kansas” series (1998-2000) is a set of apocalyptic scenes of natural disasters:  tornados, floods, insects infestations and other weird events that the artist has personally experimented during her life in the rural Midwest. The nature that is represented in her series “Some other place” (2000-2002), is enigmatic and timeless.

Nature is the main subject of these works and the artist has focused her attention on the beauty of landscape and fauna, especially in her works like Wasps and Salvazana.  With her series “Lost” (2003-2004) Nix has kept on her studies on the landscape , examining the feelings of isolation and loneliness.

The border between truth and illusion gets blurry in “The city” as in the most part of her previous works. A romantic representation of the landscape and a theatrical lightning are combined and this ability creates the Sublime, that confront the viewers with feelings of isolation and gloom. The viewers take delight from the illusion created by the clear artificiality of the scenes. “How would be the urban areas if they has been emptied of their human inhabitants?” This is the main question that the apocalyptic scenes of the series “The city” provokes. Trying to answer, we can imagine empty, falling streets and buildings that Nature want back again.  This set of pictures is the possible vision of a post-human future. The main subjects of this series are public areas that in the past were art or science places, like museums or historic squares, but now wild Mother Nature is slowly taking them over.

During the inauguration the artist will present the catalogue, edited by Paci contemporary, featuring critical text by Gigliola Foschi.

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L. Nix, Snow Storm



L. Nix, At the sea



L. Nix, Wasps



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