Jerry Uelsmann "Synchronistic Moments" - SOLO SHOW IN GALLERY

Opening sabato 26 Marzo ore 18.00 - fino al 24 Maggio

PaciArte is glad to present Jerry Uelsmann, one of the masters of the American surrealistic photography.

The exhibition will offer an overview of his works, starting from the vintage prints of the sixties and seventies until the latest photographs.

His work is bounded to the analog method and is the outcome of the superimposition of many negatives over a single print.

As the title suggests, it is linked to the synchronicity theory, according to which the events happen just at the right time: in the same way the work unveils itself only during the creative process.

His surrealistic creations are a complex composition of different elements combined in an enigmatic way, wrong-footing the viewer as nothing is as he would have expected, but reassuring him at the same time, as every element is singularly recognizable. As he says, “All the informations are there, yet the mystery remains.”

It’s up to the observer to attach a meaning to the work, almost as if it was an interactive game: it’s his duty to complete the creative thread, giving his own subjective interpretation.

During the opening the artist will present the catalogue, edited by PaciArte, featuring a critical text by Gigliola Foschi.


Miriam Tognazzi