“ Staged Photography ” - GROUP SHOW IN GALLERY

Staged Photography   -    Turnover Michal Macku

"Staged Photography”

Sandy Skoglund, Mario Cravo Neto, Clark & Pougnaud, Leslie Krims, Bernard Faucon, Teun Hocks,  Arthur Tress, Gregory Crewdson, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Nobuyoshi Araki,   Joel Peter Witkin, Mayumi Lake, Spencer Tunick, Lynn Bianchi,William Wegman...

Opening 28 May 2011 18:30 & Cocktail

- until 20 September.


Paci contemporary gladly presents “Staged Photography”, a group show offering a summary on works made by the greatest masters of the peculiar photographic genre created by staging unique, unrepeatable settings. Spectacularity and theatricalness are interweaved in the genius of these masters, thus giving birth to a new way of making photography, orchestrating a performance then snapped by the photographer in one of its most significative moments. In this great exhibition project cannot be left out:

...Sandy Skoglund’s magical installations, which drag the viewer in a wonderful but perturbing world, where astonishment and uneasiness, everyday life and fairy-like aspects are knotted together.

...the theatrical, black and white poetry by Mario Cravo Neto, one of the greatest South American photographers: his artistic language, being lived in mental and spiritual freedom, is deeply concerned in deep reflections on human nature.

...the “fairy-tale” images created together by Virginie Pougnaud and Cristophe Clark, where painting is playfully melting with photography, and narration appears to be hovering, immobile, in time.

...Leslie Krims’s uninhibited photography, desecrating every American society stereotype, Bernard Faucon’s mannequins and other protagonists of Staged Photography.

Within this group exhibition PaciArte will also present the Teun Hocks’s works, an all-round artist: performer, photographer and painter, a new entry between the gallery’s artists.

Courtesy  galleria Ca di Frà Milano ( Araki, Witkin)

Courtesy galleria Mimmo Scognamiglio Milano ( Tunik)

Vanessa Valerio


Parallelamente alla mostra Staged Photography verrà dedicata una sala per l’esposizione in anteprima esclusiva delle ultime sperimentazioni di Michal Macku in merito alla sua personalissima tecnica fotografica del gellage su vetro. L’artista ha approfondito ulteriormente il concetto di tridimensionalità indagando sulla superficie esterna dei glass gellage con materiali insoliti e raffinati, come l’oro, seguitando però l’esplorazione speculativa dell’introspezione dell’individuo delineata da una mistica universale

Vanessa Valerio






Michal Macku