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“Pensieri in cammino…. Thoughts on the way”

Phil Borges

Opening 17 december - until 27 march

Paci contemporary is glad to cooperate again with Phil Borges, a prize winner, worldwide acclaimed humanitarian reporter, and one of the greatest contemporary photographers.

Phil Borges is motivated by a spiritual journey and a life mission, which are driving him to the remotest corners of the earth in order to express with photography unique and extraordinary realities, which otherwise would not have been revealed. His poetry, the ability of choosing the perfect moment and the exposure of the naked reality unite reporting and art to create in him a real vocation. Paci contemporary wants to trace back his 25 years long career, during which time Phil Borges has documented and lived with the indigenous and tribal cultures around the world, to end in his last project, which has driven him towards the “Asian water reservoir”, as is the Tibet Highland called, seizing the opportunity for a pre-release of his new book “TIBET Culture on the Edge”, edited by Rizzoli International Publications in October, 2011.

The exhibition “Pensieri in cammino… Thoughts on the way” will give the opportunity of discovering Phil Borges’s new way of presenting reality, with the elevation of the everyday life which is close and intimate to us, immortalizing common portraits of friends, family members and interesting people.

Turnover: Nicola Evangelisti

From saturday 11 February at the same time of the exhibition “Pensieri in cammino… Thoughts on the way” will be dedicated a room to show the last works about the “Light Art” of Nicola Evangelisti, his works are based on the artifice of bivalent light, which changes its physiognomy whether viewed in daylight or at nighttime.





Turnover: Nicola Evangelisti

Da sabato 11 Febbraio parallelamente alla mostra “Pensieri in cammino… Thoughts on the way” verrà dedicata una sala per l’esposizione delle ultime sperimentazioni sull’ “Arte della Luce” di Nicola Evangelisti, i cui lavori si basano sull'artificio di luce bivalente che cambia la sua fisionomia se vista di giorno o di notte.






Catalogo ufficiale edito dalla Rizzoli Internationals nell'ottobre del 2011

Autografato da Phil Borges

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