Arthur Tress - The visionary - SOLO SHOW IN GALLERY

dal 2 al 28 settembre 2010

Arthur Tress

“The Visionary”

On the occasion of the Biennial Exhibition of photography in Brescia, PaciArte is glad to present Arthur Tress, a master in contemporary photography, who is offering a wide artistic production thanks to his versatility.

The exhibition will feature works from his most renowned series: “Open Space in the Inner City,” “Dream Collector,” “Shadow,” “Hospital” and more.

These series may look very different, yet they share the same thread: the artist’s many-sided visionariness can create, through his always-changing creativity, dissimilar works which are, however, linked by imagination.

The first series are all monochromes, but they explore different thematics: “Open Space in the Inner City” captures urban views, “Dream Collector” stages children’s dreams and “Shadow. A novel in photographs” has shadows as subject.

“Hospital,” however, is completely different: Tress used colour photography to portray old disused medical equipment in the setting of an abandoned hospital.

Arthur Tress’s photography never has a documentary character, as the only thing being documented is his artistic evolution, always in search of new inspirations.

Miriam Tognazzi