Maggie Taylor "Imagination" - SOLO SHOW IN GALLERY

dal 10 Aprile al 30 Luglio

Maggie taylor


PaciArte is glad to present exclusively for Italy the American artist Maggie Taylor, who, through photography manipulation, leads us to a journey inside a book which seems to be illustrated.

Starting from a scan of an old picture or drawing, through a manipulation process with Photoshop, she obtains results that maintain the past enchantment, on one side and, on the other one, they make us think about the versatility given to photography by the new technical solutions.

By choosing objects, colours, and settings she recalls drawings from childhood, when no solution is too daring or inopportune, since we are inside the magical world of imagination.

The Photoshop use lets the artist experiment new solutions and come to astonishing results, as she says: “When I start working on an image, I’ve got no idea of the ending result. To recompose and integrate bits from the past is a frustrating, surprising and marvelling process”.

All the series created until now, such as “Almost Alice”, inspired by “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “This & That”, will be on show. The artist will attend the opening and the catalogue, published by PaciArte, will be presented.