dal 27 febbraio al 6 aprile 2009

PaciArte contemporary Invita la SV alla mostra:

Sandy Skoglund

“Focus on early works”

PaciArte is glad to present a new exhibition by Sandy Skoglund, focussed on her early works, including her earliest and unpublished works, created between 1974 and 1977, the installations from the “Still Life” cycle from 1978/79, and the “True Fiction” 1986 series.

In this backward journey visitors will be able to see the starting point of the creative path followed by this extraordinary artist.

In the earliest experimentations it was already emerging what would become her distinctive mark: the “Stage Photography”.

Looking at her early works it is perceivable the great attention that Sandy Skoglund pays in creating a composite image.

This research would further develop in the “Still Life” cycle, in which she builds her first photographic sets, using contrasting tones and geometrical figures, approaching then the “True Fiction”, in which she creates unusual everyday scenes, replacing colours with lively hues.

Amongst others, there will be on show “Accessories” and “Spoons”, the first works testifying the artist’s approach to the creation of an installation that would then be captured by her photograph.

Thanks to this path, the visitor will come to an interpretation key for a better understanding of Sandy Skoglund’s works, from the beginning of her career to the present days.

Miriam Tognazzi