Clark & Pougnaud "C'Est La Vie" - SOLO SHOW IN GALLERY

inaugurazione nuova sede via Trieste 48 - in occasione della Notte Bianca di Brescia

PaciArte contemporary has pleasure in inviting you to the show:

Clark & Pougnaud

C’Est La Vie

PaciArte contemporary is pleased to present, in exclusivity for Italy, the French artists eclectic couple, who mould scenography and photography into art works reminiscent of solitude and time stillness.

In their creations a moment of private life is crystallized by the snap, freezing the subject. Just as when someone would suddenly stop the viewing of a film.

It is as if people where standing still in a pensive pause while in environments dense with melancholy and enchanted surroundings.

The catalogue with Gigliola Foschi’s critique  will be presented on the occasion of the inauguration of the new venue which will be attended by artists as well.

The event will be part of the Brescia’s Art White Night.