Mario Cravo Neto - Mystic tales - SOLO SHOW IN GALLERY

inaugurazione 28 maggio- fino al 27 Settembre 2009

PaciArte contemporary has the pleasure of inviting you to an exhibition by:

Mario Cravo Neto

Mystic Tales

PaciArte contemporary is introducing  Mario Cravo Neto an internationally acclaimed great Brazilian artist.

His photography, through elegance of lines and black and white fineness leads to a suspended and hushed dimension, where bodies and objects appear intimate and mystic inspiring a sense of peace.

His works, played on chiaroscuro with very dark tones and a candid white, play with lights as if they were bas-reliefs, in a series of portraits showing a Brazilian aspect with its traditions, through bodies reminiscent of  Bahia’s African roots, an intrinsic sensuality and a mysticism recalling the relationship between man and nature.

The Show will be over the last twenty years of his work, through the most important photos as: Eduardo with dagger, Voodoo Child, Sacrifice II….

A catalogue with Giuliana Scimè’s critique will be presented at the inauguration.