Araki "Polaroid" Vs Womanliness Groupshow

inaugurazione 23 Aprile- fino al 23 maggio 2009


By Courtesy of Cà di Frà Gallery - Milan

PaciArte contemporary presents Nobuyoshi Araki, world-famed photographer, known for his Polaroid through which he immortalizes female bodies as a symbolic representation of the Japanese sensuality.

Deemed to be one of the eroticism poets, he sweeps, in his work, from feminine Eros sexual instinct to every day’s life portraying streets, flowers and the Tokyo’s sky.

A flaunted sexuality leading back to the woman as a pleasure symbol, a present days geisha, a clear recalling to the Japanese culture due also to the setting and to the traditional costumes.

For some of us the rope could be the protagonist, seeing that the artists uses it to tie his model, it is instead, a symbol of the forbidden, entwining and blocking the bodies into one of the most intimate moments.

In the Western culture this could even seem as pornography, it is instead a challenge acquired through these shots.

The subjects have an absent look as if in depersonalisation state, the woman as an object.