Matteo Montani - Abbassare il cielo agli occhi - SOLO SHOW IN GALLERY

dal 7 febbraio al 7 aprile 2009

PaciArte contemporary has pleasure in introducing  it new artist Matteo Montani.

His monochromatic painting is made of sidereal colours as the blue, the grey and the white, an introspective path in which one can lose oneself in the nuances shadows.

Montani’s first work were born as a subtraction, spreading layers of colour  which he scrapes with sand paper to reach a reverse process, the addition is the colour that is spread that on the sand s paper.

Vi è There is something spiritual about his work as if he were investigating the particulars or particles of something that goes further the canvas, something as infinitive.

The artist has participated to the Quadriennale of Rome and he is among the finalists for the Cairo 2008 prize.

The PaciArte catalogue with the text by Martina Cavallarin will be presented at the inauguration.